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BH SK Range – Cardio – Commercial Gym Equipment

BH Commercial Treadmills

Reasons to install BH Cardio Gym Equipment in your facility

  • Price – BH Equipment delivers good value for money and is considered by some to be the ‘best kept secret’ in the industry. The equipment is reliable and made for high usage without being priced out of range.
  • Warranty – To conform to international quality standards warranties are mandatory on all products sold. Spares for discontinued models are available for up to 10 years post production as per the EU quality standards requirements.
  • Low Power Consumption – The only equipment that requires power are the treadmills and the variable stride elliptical. The motors installed are energy efficient and engineered to use the least amount of power possible. The fixed stride elliptical, recumbent bike and upright bike are self powered.
  • Wireless TV – A television signal is broadcast from a central point to the TV enabled equipment. Equipment can be position where required without the need for installing and chasing cables.
  • Product Specifications – The equipment is made for the commercial gym environment. The treadmills for example have 5 or 6 HP motors, cater to a user weight of up to 220k and have a running surface of 155 cm x 55cm.
  • Research and Development – Continuous research and development has led to several innovations. These include, but are not limited to, the HST Phenolic Wax deck that reduces the need for lubrication on the treadmill deck, variable stride ellipticals, integration with Apple devices and the ability to place high-resolution TV monitors on self powered equipment.
  • Technical Backup – A trained team of technicians is available to install, service and repair any equipment.

Why gym members like training on BH Gym Equipment

  • Apple iPod touch and iPhone connectivity – Gym members can enjoy their preferred entertainment while exercising on the equipment screen.
  • Integration with Nikeplus – Members can save their exercise data directly to the iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Variable Stride Elliptical – The member can adjust the stride to fit their requirements. As they increase the intensity from walking to running the stride adjusts automatically.
  • Easy ToolBar – Members are able to access the frequently used controls without pausing their workout.
  • Exercise Programs – Members can choose from pre-set programs or configure their own.
  • Information Feedback – While exercising members can monitor their heart rate (using a telemetric band or touch), check their speed, time, calories, distance etc. The information varies according to the equipment used.
  • Fitness Test – The Fitness Test is specific to the person exercising and there is a different test for men and woman.
  • User Friendly Touch Screen – The intuitive interface gives members the option to touch what they see on the screen. Making it easy to select a program, monitor feedback or watch a movie.

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