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BH Home Gym Equipment – Cardio Range

F12 Dual Home Treadmill 2

The preferred choice – BH Home Gym Equipment

The BH Fitness home gym equipment range is designed and engineered for home use and includes treadmills, upright cycles, elliptical’s and spin bikes. Several products are available to cater to specific requirements of the light or intense user.

  • Self Powered – The upright bikes and elliptical are self powered.
  • Low Power Consumption – The treadmills have an ECO function that is designed to reduce power consumed by the treadmills while exercising.
  • Large Running Surface – The treadmills have a large running surface.
  • Running Surface Damping System – The running surface is designed to absorb, cushion and reduce the impact on the runners joints.
  • Preset Programs – Users can elect to follow preset programs or create their own.
  • Mobility – The equipment has wheels or rollers to make moving the equipment around easy.
  • Pulse Measurement – The pulse can be measured through touch or using a Telemetric band. While the telemetric band is optional on some equipment, touch is available on all.
  • Workout Feedback – Monitor speed, distance, calories, time and more. The feedback depends on the equipment and some information is specific to specific pieces. The iConcept range of home gym equipment delivers more interactive feedback on workouts.

Quality Assurance

BH Conforms to International quality control standards. For the consumer that means that there is a 1 or 2 year warranty on the equipment and a commitment to carry spares, should they be required, for up to 10 years after production on a specific model has stopped

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