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h/p/cosmos High Performance Training

h-p-cosmos_motion_fr_quasar_sa_illThe h/p/cosmos solutions for high performance training range from fitness testing through to motion analysis, gait analysis and high speed training.

High speed cameras and software analyse the technique through sensors placed on the legs to map the movement. Sensors in the running surface analyse the foot pattern and pressure as it lands on the deck. The athlete is now able to get an accurate picture of their running style and make adjustments to correct or improve their technique.

The h/p/cosmos running machines can also be setup to facilitate over speed training. Elevation can be setup from -25 % to + 25% inclination and the speed adjusted from 0 – 40 km/h.

During the training the athlete is attached to a harness that is attached to an overhead support that is part of the machine. Should they stumble and fall the treadmill will immediately stop, the athlete suspended by the harness and serious injury prevented.

h/p/cosmos Have also developed outdoor sprint training tools. The Comet works as follows; a cable is attached to the athlete who then sprints away from the Comet for 100m. As they run the tension on the cable is measured and the Comet records their outbound speed. The athlete then turns around so that the cable is attached from the front and the Comet pulls them back increasing the speed when compared to the initial outward run. This prevents the athlete from being pulled back at a pace that they are unable to cope with.

The running machines allow for precise settings to be made to facilitate advanced fitness testing and training. Each machine is configured according to specific requirements. The open design makes it easy to record using high speed cameras, to attach sensors and other medical measuring apparatus.

The research and development that has gone into and continues to be invested in the products and services of h/p/cosmos are too numerous to be mentioned here. The above is really the tip of the ice berg. Basic training on the equipment takes 1 year with specialists focusing on rehabilitation or high performance training and monitoring. The fact that the installation is managed from the head office and the staff member assigned flies out to do the installation personally, as well as the training, sets the stage for the quality of the products developed.

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