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h/p/cosmos Rehabilitation and High Performance Equipment

h-p-cosmos_saturn_cycling25_illh/p/cosmos Don’t create gym equipment, they develop custom systems based on the goal in mind. The equipment is generally part of a rehabilitation center/clinic/hospital or found in high performance sports centers.

  • Commitment to quality – The h/p/cosmos commitment to quality is evident in the installation and training when new equipment is installed. An h/p/cosmos certified technician is flown out when the equipment is ready for installation to make sure it is setup correctly. Technicians have to be certified by h/p/cosmos before they are allowed to install. The training can take up to 12 months to complete

The technician will also provide training on how to use the equipment. As there are numerous programs to address specific needs each installation is unique. Unlike standard gym equipment there is no ‘one size fits all’. You are able to order equipment that does what you need it to do.

  • Rehabilitation – Rehabilitation clinics are able to offer a more scientific approach. Years of research clearly shows that this method of rehabilitation delivers better results in a shorter space of time than traditional methods. Recorded data allows the patients history to be recorded and compared. Over time this data is used to monitor the patients progress and provides valuable feedback to the patient.
  • Sport – High Performance Sports Centers can perform various fitness tests and improve aspects of the athletes technique. The running machines have been developed to the point where cyclists cycle on the machines, skiers are able to ski with their ski poles and athletes in wheelchairs exercise while observed and connected to various monitoring devices. Accurate controls allow for minimal increments in speed or elevation to test the affects of different conditions on the athlete.

The h/p/cosmos equipment is critical in developing Olympic athletes and helping them achieve gold in their preferred discipline.

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h/p/cosmos Philosophy

Established 1988 in Nussdorf-Traunstein (South of Germany) h/p/cosmos stands for convincing technology, advanced design and safety in the production of running machines, treadmills, ladder-ergometers, sprint trainers (sprint ergometers), sports performance training and diagnostic systems as well as rehabilitation equipment. In the course of time, h/p/cosmos developed into a specialist for running machines and accessories in sports, medicine and research. Designed to last, functionality, precision engineering and the safety of the devices delight fitness people, athletes and coaches, patients and physicians worldwide.

The h/p/cosmos philosophy

Satisfaction is not enough – we want our customers and the users to be enthusiastic about our systems.

Wireless heart rate control, maintenance free and powerful drive systems with maintenance free 3-phase AC motor (20 years part warranty on the drive motor) and reverse belt rotation to simulate downhill running, patented arm-support with incorporated keyboard, locomotion treadmill, airwalk se and robowalk expander system are only a few examples for the pioneering work h/p/cosmos did and still does. The benefits for the user and achieving revolutionary results has always been given special emphasis.

A milestone for intelligent solution has been laid by h/p/cosmos in August 1992. With “h/p/cosmos coscom”, an interface protocol has been created, which many other manufacturers incorporate in their systems today. Since then the h/p/cosmos running machines and many other devices are able to communicate with different printers, PC-programs, ECG- and spirometry systems.

The h/p/cosmos coscom protocol and the coscom.dll and thge list of compatible manufacturers are published on the web at

One key to the success of h/p/cosmos is specialization. By focusing on different fields of application for running machines, h/p/cosmos is setting up standards for innovation, technology, safety and support.

As specialists for running machines we are able to react to our clients wishes fast and flexible. Innovative concepts can be implemented and realized as intelligent solutions in very short time.

Individual designed running machines with over-length, over-width or high-speed levels are on duty worldwide.

With special solutions for wheelchair patients, skiers and cyclists we can fall back on years of experience. It is out of question that to be able to build unique running machines, keeping top safety and technology up is a matter of fact. Our own internal ISO9001 and EN13485 certified management system starts already with the supervision of the development of any new device.

The meticulous documentation of all manufacturing phases of each running machine and other h/p/cosmos devices goes up to the service at the customers place.

The close cooperation of our specialists from different departments, such as research and development, production, sales & services, guarantees the precision and perfection, which we made our main objective. The constant exchange of information with our customers forms the basis to achieve and keep our high objective.

h/p/cosmos is certified according to ISO 9001 and EN 13485.